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St. James'-St. Andrew's, Gravel Hill - Ministers

Gravel Hill's Ministers

St. James' Presbyterian also joined with other congregations, sharing ministers.

The following is a list of ministers known to have served at St. James-St. Andrew's, Gravel Hill over the years:

Dates Name
1862 Mr. Joshua Fraser
1862-1880 Student ministers, lay preachers, and travelling missionaries.
1880-1882 Rev. Charles McLean
1883-1884 Mr. D. McLean, missionary
1884-1885 Rev. John McKenzie
1886 Rev. D. McLean (returned after graduation)
1887-1903 Rev. D.D. MacLennan (with Apple Hill)
1904-1905 Rev. George Weir, B.A. (with Avonmore)

1905-1906 Rev. Hector N. MacLean, B.D., Ph.D. (with Avonmore & Monkland)
1907-1909 (Herbert Hill's article)
or 1906-1908
Rev. James Hastie (with Monkland)
1909-1911 Mr.Andrew Drysdale student minister (with Monkland)
1911-1913 Mr. Bolingbrook, student minister (with Monkland)
1913 Mr. D.A. McQuaig, student minister (with Monkland)
1913-1914 Rev. Isaac Campbell (with Monkland)

1915-1920 Rev. J.G. MacIvor (with Monkland)
1921-1926 Rev. T.O. Miller (with Monkland)
1927-1929 Mr. J.T. MacPherson, student minister (with Monkland)
1930-1932 Mr. R.M. Magill, student minister (with Monkland)
1933-1935 Mr. D.M. Kerr, student minister (with Monkland)
1936 Mr. John Anderson, student minister (with Monkland)

1937 Rev. Donald MacMillan, M.A. (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1938-1947 Rev. Malcolm N. MacDonald, (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1948-1955 Rev. Donald C. MacDonald, (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1955-1961 Rev. W.A. Douglas, with Monkland and Avonmore)
1963-1967 Rev. Hugh Wilson, (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1968-1974 Rev. Willis E. Sayers (with Monkland and Avonmore)

1975-1989 Rev. John H. Wiseman, (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1990-1998 Rev. Donald C. MacDonald (with Monkland and Avonmore)
1999-2017 Rev. Mark Bourgon (with Finch and Avonmore)
2018-2019 Herb Borger, Student Minister (with Finch and Avonmore)
2019- Rev. Dr. Cheryl Gaver (with Finch and Avonmore)

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