Gravel Hill & 
	Monkland Churches

St. James' Presbyterian Church - Gravel Hill Photo Gallery

St. James' (now St. James'-St. Andrew's) Presbyterian Church, Gravel Hill

					of St. James' Presbyterian Church in Gravel Hill & the 

Interior of St. James' Church

This is likely from before the merger, and shows the Gravel Hill church interior at Christmas time.

picture of inside the Gravel Hill church 
					decorated for Christmas

This is from 1984, with the St. James' Church in Gravel decorated for Christmas.

picture of Gravel Hill decorated for 
					Christmas in 1984

Gravel Hill Church Celebrates Anniversary

This is a special service during the time of Rev. Mark Bourgon.

Gravel Hill celebrating anniversary

St. James'-St. Andrew's (Gravel Hill) Church Gets a New Sign

Gravel Hill gets a new sign

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