The Three Churches

St. Luke's-Knox, Finch - History

History of St. Luke's Presbyterian, Finch

St. Luke's Presbyterian Church existed from 1836-1890. Here are highlights of its history:

1836 - The Trustees of St. Luke's Presbyterian Church purchased one acre of land from Cole MacMillan. The first church was of frame construction and was built just south of the present cemetery, on the northeast corner of St. Luke and Shaver Roads. The manse was across the sideline road.

1873? - The frame church burned and a brick veneer building was constructed. It was a beautiful church with a staircase leading to a gallery. Gaelic services were held in the church. English services were held in sheds that had also been constructed on the property.

1892 - The first St. Luke's church was built on the present site in Finch and the brick veneer church built on the northeast corner of St. Luke and Shaver Roads was demolished.

1907 - On April 17, 1907, St. Luke's church was destroyed by fire which destroyed a considerable portion of the village. Construction began immediately on a new church.

1908 - The new St. Luke's was dedicated September 17, 1908.

1950s - An addition was built onto the north end of the church. This houses the vestry, washrooms and kitchen. The well-lighted sign was erected a few years later.

1980 - The steeple was removed August 8, 1980. The bell was also lowered and mounted on a cement foundation near the east front door. The old manse was sold and a new one built on George Street. The manse had a large office in the basement (The manse was later sold. At present, St. Luke's-Knox has no manse).

1987 - Knox, Crysler joined with St. Luke's, Finch to form St. Luke's-Knox Presbyterian Church.

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