The Three Churches

Knox, Crysler - History

History of Knox Presbyterian, Crysler

Knox Presbyterian Church existed from 1850-1987. Here are highlights of its history:

1850 - Early settlers in the area worshipped and conducted Bible study groups in various homes within the communities of Morewood and Crysler.

1881 - Col. John Crysler donated land for a Presbyterian church in Crysler. Knox church was constructed that same year. The deed was issued to John Currie, Angus MacMillan, Robert Doran and Alpin Ferguson.

1884 - Morewood Presbyterian joined with Crysler Presbyterian.

1892 - Morewood Presbyterian became a pastoral charge of its own, and later joined with Chesterville. Knox Crysler joined with St. Luke's in Finch.

1950s - The large steeple was removed from the church building. Over the years, various renovations were done, including adding electricity and a modern heating system.

1987 - The original church building was still in use but times were changing and the church closed on December 31. Knox members and adherents joined with St. Luke's Presbyterian in Finch. The church property was sold, and responsibility for Knox Cemetery, just west of Crysler, was transferred to St. Luke's Presbyterian in Finch.

Note - Knox Cemetery, located between County Road 13 and the shores of the Nation River, is still maintained and used.

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