Finch people

About Us

St. Andrew's (Avonmore), St. Luke's-Knox (Finch) and St. James-St. Andrew's (Gravel Hill) are three churches who have joined together as a three-point charge within the Presbytery of Seaway-Glengarry.

While we share a minister, do a lot of activities together and support one another, we are also quite different and do a number of activities on our own.

We are Christian communities rooted in the Bible, grounded in the Reformed tradition and reaching out to others with God's transforming love.

We are also members of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the world-wide Presbyterian Communion that comprises some eighteen million Christian believers who identify themselves as Presbyterian. While proud of our historical Scottish roots, we Presbyterians are excited to have become an international community of Christians from every race, culture and language on earth.

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