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Bible Studies

Why Have a Bible Study?

Who are we? What do we believe? Why do exist? How do we grow in our faith or deepen our relationship with God?

We may call ourselves Christians but how much do we really know about our faith? Learning is an important part of one's Christian journey and we will be offering a number of short-term (4- to 6-week) studies on different aspects of faith. Some will be offered at St. Luke's-Knox, Finch; others at St. Andrew's, Avonmore; and some online through Zoom.

We're kicking off the new school year with a 5- 6-week look at The How & Why of Church Denominations.

The Zoom study begins Wednesday, September 9th @ 2:00 p.m. Here is the link to this week's Zoom session.

Tentative outline is as follows:
- Session 1: Introduction / From Jesus to Constantine
- Session 2: From Constantine through the Middle Ages
- Session 3: From Renaissance to Reformation (14th-16th centuries)
- Session 4: Church Revivals (17th-19th centuries)
- Session 5: Church Challenges (18th-21st centuries)
- Session 6: Today's Churches - Today's Challenges

Contact Rev. Cheryl for more information.

Past Studies

In the fall of 2019, we offered: A Basic Introduction to Prayer and A Window onto the Creator's Gift.

In the early spring of 2020, we began: The Gospel of Mark: God's Secret Mission, but then the pandemic hit. In May, we began a Zoom study on The Parables. The online sessions are listed below:
- Session 1: Introduction (22:36 minutes)
- Session 2: Parables of Growth (42:29 minutes)
- Session 3: Parables of Reversal (35:56 minutes)
- Session 4: Parables of Preparedness (40:04 minutes)
- Session 5: Parables of Decision (36:10 minutes)
- Session 6: Parables of Treasure (38:28 minutes)
- Session 7: Odds & Ends (48:26 minutes)

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