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Bible Studies

Why Have a Bible Study?

Who are we? What do we believe? Why do exist? How do we grow in our faith or deepen our relationship with God?

We may call ourselves Christians but how much do we really know about our faith? Learning is an important part of one's Christian journey and we will be offering a number of short-term (4- to 6-week) studies on different aspects of faith. Some will be offered at St. Luke's-Knox, Finch; others at St. Andrew's, Avonmore; and some online through Zoom.

Bible Studies are on break until September. We expect some will be in person while other studies will be virtual. Contact Rev. Cheryl for more information. ALL ARE WELCOME!

We started a new Bible study on The Book of Revelation in the spring of 2021. Each week we zoomed in on a chapter, learning about the different symbols and then taking a step back to see the drama unfold.

Video summaries can be found on our YouTube channel:

We'll pick up with The Book of Revelation again in the fall.

Another "study" is entirely on-line: Puzzles-'n-Faith. Focusing on only one question (you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask), videos are posted Wednesday mornings @ 10:00 a.m. on Facebook and on our YouTube channel in our "Puzzles 'n Faith" playlist:

Some of the questions dealt with include:
- What do we mean by "The Inspired Word of God"?
- What about the Virgin Birth?
- Where did Mrs. Cain come from?
- Creationism or Evolution? Really!
- What about Jesus' Siblings?
- How can Jesus be 'Fully God' and 'Fully Human'?

Have a question? Just ask! Check out our Facebook page for the current week's question (once we start up again in the fall).

Past Studies

We generally do a Bible study each season:

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